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JessicaKumar1The new age of Global Nomadism. It allows us to work from anywhere, travel, eat food from all over the world, spend more time with family and do things we love. I started this blog to share my experiences with other ‘nomads’ and start the conversation about the challenges and blessings of our lifestyles. My posts cover topics which I’ve mulled over for sometimes weeks or months before I share online. Lately, most of my content has to do with my cross cultural interactions between India and America, or reflections I have on culture, race, and media. I have no agenda in writing other than sharing my ponderings as an open discussion.

अगर आप हिंदी बोलने वाले है…

मेरा नाम जेस्सिका कुमार है. अगर आपको मेरा ब्लॉग पसंद है तो आपने कमेंट्स लिख दीजिये.

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Nomadic Professionalism and Living Cross Culturally

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