East Meets West Parenting

It seems that North American and Indian parenting styles have many opposite features. Lets have a little quiz just for fun. In which culture would you hear the following statements, North American or Indian? “Its the school’s fault that my kid hasn’t learned to speak yet.” “Just let him pee his pants in public, he […]

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Does Bollywood Promote Rape?

India has gotten negative press regarding its treatment of women. The Jyoti Pandey case only brought shame and terror and has severed the conscience of the Indian people. The tragedy of rape is being examined on many levels of society. So why do we allow the film industry to show sexual exploitation as entertainment? In “Monsoon Wedding” (2001), […]

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The IKEA Generation 

My grandma’s vaccum cleaner taught me a valuable lesson. I have never seen anything like this. This thing probably weighed 40 pounds and it came with a 25 year warranty. Being a Millennial, I was baffled when my Grandma told me she bought it in the 1970s. How was this thing still working? Traditionalists/Silent Gen (1927-1945), Baby Boomers […]

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Firangi Bahu- Does This Really Represent Indian/Western Marriages?

Built on drama, jealousy, lies, and mistrust, Firangi Bahu was just like every other saas/bahu drama on Indian television, with one exception, a British bahu instead of a homegrown one. After one dreadful season, Sahara One cancelled it. The show shows Camili (British born 20 something) who met Pranay (a wealthy Gujurati boy studying in London) […]

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