Firangi Bahu- Does This Really Represent Indian/Western Marriages?

Built on drama, jealousy, lies, and mistrust, Firangi Bahu was just like every other saas/bahu drama on Indian television, with one exception, a British bahu instead of a homegrown one. After one dreadful season, Sahara One cancelled it. The show shows Camili (British born 20 something) who met Pranay (a wealthy Gujurati boy studying in London) […]

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Cross Cultural Book Review

Being a train commuter, I get the chance to read quite a bit. And being a member of the Chicago Public Library, I am able to check out the newest books of the season via my Kindle. Parameters: I enjoy books which address human suffering, complicated relationships, or ones that enlighten us on life. I’ve […]

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Musings of Tea

“we await the great Avatar. Meanwhile, let us have a sip of tea.” -The Book of Tea In my travels I like to observe the differences in the way people approach life and how food and drink habits indicate that. In the East you will find people stopping mid day- many times to enjoy a […]

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