Bihari Kichdi

Bihari Kichdi

A quick and easy comfort food 

Vegan, Gluten-free, kid-friendly

Mix veggie and dal khichdi

Loses taste and texture after a day or so, so eat it quickly!

One easy way to make this is to follow this Veg Recipes of India explanation. We like to mix ours up a little bit by adding vegetables and making it a complete meal.

Tried and true veggies to add to kichdi- spinach, kale, okra, collared greens, zucchini, drumsticks. Tried and true herbs – cilantro, parsley, orengano, mint.


Omit ghee and use any kind of medium/high heat oil instead. We like mustard oil.

You can also swap out the cumin seeds for mustard seeds or panch phoren.

Use masoor daal or toor daal instead of moong daal.

Serve with fry-ems, papad or something crunchy.


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